How LapLok works

Before you use your LapLok, you will need to set your unique 3-digit pin code.
To do so, hold the lock button for 3 seconds and enter your pin. Go online to register your pin & write it down.

Step 1

First, make sure that your LapLok has a clean surface that you can adhere the mounting arm to. Clean your device with the included cleaning wipe & primer. This assures that good contact will be made. 

Then, install semi-permanent adhesive mounting arm.

Step 2

Take the mounting arm and swing it out to give the space for your LapLok to connect.

Step 3

Take your LapLok and measure the surface height that you wish to install it on. Then, adjust the lower arm to the height of the table. You will be moving this later on to ensure a safe connection.

Step 4

Take the arm that's attached to your computer and place LapLok into the mount of the locking arm. 

Step 5

Take the lower arm of LapLok and raise it to the same level of the surface you're securing it to. 

Step 6

When your LapLok is in place, pull down to secure.

It's that easy. 

Your LapLok is now locked & armed.

Once you are ready to remove your LapLok, simply hit your pin code. You can then pull off your LapLok. LapLok collapses to the size a little bigger than a smartphone for easy portability