LapLok Pro™

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LapLok Pro™

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LapLok Pro is the smartest, most secure LapLok in our portfolio. LapLok Pro features the same security functionality as our pilot product, LapLok, but also includes Bluetooth connectivity with a range of up to 50 feet.  

LapLok Pro includes a custom security application paired with your smartphone with convenient features such as changing your security pin, adjusting alarm volume, silence mode enablement, and custom notification settings.

 You will not find a more intelligent & convenient laptop & tablet anti-theft solution anywhere.  With LapLok Pro, you can have added peace of mind for the work from anywhere in the world.


LapLok Pro™ has the same durable design as LapLok™ but features a wifi-enabled connection that can communicate with the owner via text alert if someone is tampering with your device. Our wifi range is up to 1200 feet (about 4 football fields)

LapLok size & material:
- Steel & Aircraft aluminum
- 14oz (just under 1 LB)
- LapLok is 7.5"tall, 4" wide,  and 1.3" thick

Features included with purchase:
Bluetooth connectivity (up to 50 ft) with anti-theft text alerts
Custom app to operate your LapLok
Volume adjustable 50 DB alarm
Custom digital pin code with secure, automated online back-up
Laptop attaching mount arm strap & primer stick
Mount arm strap holster
Rubber feet for laptop
3-year lithium batteries
Soft cloth LapLok storage bag