A Laptop is Stolen Every
53 Seconds

Check out these real security video’s showing grab & go thieves in action


This is why we created LapLok.


LapLok is bringing security, protection, and safety up to speed with the work-from-anywhere movement that’s skyrocketed over the past few years alone.

It's the ultimate pocket-sized anti-theft device designed to secure your laptop conveniently anytime, anywhere.


LapLok means you can work confidently and calmly with the peace of mind of knowing your device and data aren’t going anywhere - even if you step away for a few minutes here and there.

Why is LapLok so critical?



More than 1,600 laptops are stolen every single day. LapLok ensures your device doesn’t become another statistic.


Data Backup

If you don’t have automated backup enabled, you could lose your device's valuable work when it's stolen. Protect the work you’ve done.


Over Half

Over half of people report leaving their laptops unattended for less than five minutes. It doesn't take more than a few seconds to get yours stolen.


Lost Laptops

You can get fined, punished, and even fired if your company-owned laptop gets stolen.


Public Locations

Common areas where you’d least expect a theft to occur, such as coffee shops and restaurants, are the highest-targeted locations for laptop theft.



Laptop theft is expensive. It amounts to roughly 5 billion in annual losses, and it takes around nine (9) days to replace a work laptop.