Real-world protection when the world is your office

Airports, cafes, restaurants, high schools, colleges,and even shared workspaces. They're all hotbeds for laptop theft. And now that the world is your office, laptop thieves are in more places than ever before.

LapLok is a new pocket-sized security guard designed to keep your devices secure anytime, anyplace.

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Why LapLok?

Every 53 seconds, someone is the victim of laptop theft. If you’re an on-the-go professional, this represents a significant risk.

That’s where LapLok comes into play. This portable, highly effective, and easy-to-use anti-theft device is the perfect solution for keeping your laptop safe no matter where in the world you’re working.

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LapLok's patented anti-theft design deters grab-and-go thieves. It's easy to set up no matter where you're working and provides a heightened level of security.


This device automatically focuses attention on would-be thieves with a powerful 100-decibel alarm. The alarm volume is adjustable and can be turned off if desired.

Dual Purpose

Keep your bags safe in addition to your laptop with a built-in BagLok loop. It's built-in, tough-as-nails, and easy to handle. Simply loop it around your bag, and you’re ready to go.


Keep your laptop safe anywhere in the world while remaining flexible and mobile with LapLok's lightweight and compact design.

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

LapLok is designed with the highest-grade and highest-performing materials in the world.

Premium steel and aircraft-grade aluminum make for a simultaneously lightweight and sturdy design that's convenient for world travel while offering unrivaled levels of protection from theft.

This creative and innovative design makes LapLok one of the unique items of its kind on the market.

Next Generation Locking Solutions

Traditional methods of protecting unaccompanied laptops have been ineffective and impractical.

LapLok is a next-generation locking solution that allows users to secure their laptops anywhere they work. It is the most high-tech and modern solution available, making it a must-have for work-from-anywhere professionals.

This intelligent device has an adjustable arm, an alarm, an accelerometer, and a host of other security features to keep your device safe.

Software Enabled Password Management

Take complete control of your passwords with LapLok's built-in password management algorithm.

Say goodbye to annoying and inefficient physical keys and hello to advanced and secure cloud password technology.

You can easily record & reset passwords when necessary due to employee changes or if a code is forgotten. The process is quick & easy for the IT manager or end user.

Dual Purpose Functionality

You're rarely working alone with just a laptop. Typically, it's accompanied by an entire bag of belongings you must keep safe.

That's why we've equipped LapLok with a built-in bag-locking feature that provides a convenient and secure place to leave your bag.

BagLok is sold separately but directly attaches to the LapLok product for an easy-to-carry, lightweight, and dynamic protection device.

Device Compatibility

The work-from-anywhere professional needs a holistic protection solution that works with a wide variety of devices.

That's why LapLok is designed to function seamlessly with any device, including all laptops and all tablets.

Our Satisfied Customers Have a Lot to Say

"After our office decided to make our remote work policy permanent, I'll use LapLok even more!"

"I have a shared space at work that I haven't been to since COVID-19 began. I like the idea of having a mechanism to secure my laptop when I'm out and about. And, if I go back to the shared office space."

"LapLok is a handy tool for wherever I want to use my laptop"

"I used to use a cable lock in college, but it's not practical when I go to coffee shops. I like LapLok's high-tech features and compact size"