Image of Paul and Ryan Angott, father and son entrepreneurial duo holding baby.

Meet the Father-Son Duo Behind LapLok:

LapLok is the brainchild of father-son duo Paul & Ryan Angott who have secured a grant from the state of MI in addition to self-funding LapLok.

The dad, Paul Angott has an honorary Ph.D. and was voted Entrepreneur of the Year in Michigan in 2011. He holds 42 patents and has successfully sold over $100 Million of his patented products in his career including several security products.

The son, Ryan Angott hails from the cyber security industry and lends his experience in sales and marketing to his dad's invention. He has sold over $24 Million dollars of complex security software in the last 6 years.

Our core values

We believe in security solutions that help others and help make the world a better place.

Our core values: color wheel showing we get our uniform dirty, we choose to drive change, we are positive and optimistic, we have unwavering integrity, we are true teammates, and we are customer obsessed.

Our mission

Provide elegant, affordable security products that give our customers peace of mind.

Our vision

Be the most innovative security brand for people who want to work just about anywhere.