A Laptop is Stolen Every 53 Seconds

Check out these real security video’s showing grab & go thieves in action

Yep, that's right. Many of these thefts happen in public locations such as airports, cafe's, restaurant's, and common shared spaces. Whether you are student, remote worker, frequent business traveler, or just want a way to keep your device secure anytime and any place, get LapLok.


Over 1600 Laptops are stolen
every day

Data Backup

If the automated backup isn't enabled, you can lose your work and your device

Over Half

Over 50% of people surveyed reported leaving their laptop unattended for less than 5 minutes

Lost Laptops

You can get fired if your company-owned laptop is stolen

Public Locations

Common areas such as coffee shops & restaurants are the highest targeted locations


Laptop theft costs businesses 5 billion dollars in annual loss. It takes about nine days to replace a work laptop